Workshop: Ecosystem

Workshop: Ecosystem


Look up and examine the world around you, spot new opportunities and pitfalls to avoid, and cultivate a change-making community.

Ecosystem is an engaging workshop for food start-ups or established companies developing a new brand, product or campaign, who may have been working on it in somewhat of a vacuum, and wish to secure their connection to the wider ecosystem.

It outlines the elements you should consider to better understand your customers, community and context, and helps you think about your sustainable long-term position in the contemporary food landscape.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop an understanding of the current culture and conversations around your activity.

  • Consider brand/product development in context before spending time and resources on the wrong direction.

  • Outline potential campaigns, partnerships and collaboration ideas that strengthen your message and proposition.

  • Identify wider opportunities and potential pitfalls before launch.

Following this workshop, you’ll have the tools to develop wholly relevant concepts and messaging, and inspire community and collaboration - and avoid making a cultural faux pas or adding to an environmental disaster along the way!

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Ideal for:

Business leaders or senior executives in brand development and marketing for food start-ups or established food brands.


    2 hours


    One-to-one, or small groups by arrangement


    Online, or in person by arrangement


    • Pre-session questionnaire 
    • Workbook with exercises
    • Initial actions
    • Summary report with recommended research


      Workshop and consultancy sessions range from £450 to £2950 (ex VAT) subject to your requirements. Contact us below and we’ll schedule a call to discuss the options.