Session: Landscape

Session: Landscape


Chart the contemporary food landscape, and gain clarity on the complex conversations taking place in today’s global food culture.

The topics and buzzwords traversing the food scene and beyond are truly fascinating, and often, if approached with care, can hold the answers to many issues we face globally.

But the sheer volume of information can be conflicting and confounding, and whether we’re just starting out, or well on our way, it’s important to find a clear path.

Landscape sessions are for brands and organisations aiming to make a difference, who are navigating a new transparent and purpose-led climate, or experiencing a new generation of management - they’re designed to help you find sure footing on the path you choose and inspire you with engaging ways to progress.

They cover topics such as Brand Transparency and Understanding Food Trends, and various contemporary food conversations such as multidisciplinary dining, food education and the environment.

The sessions give you a background and introduction to the topic of your choice, to understand what’s relevant to you, what’s not, and consider your potential to make a better contribution through your activity.

Following the session, you’ll have a good understanding of the topic in relation to your goals, as well as an outline of initial research and actions to consider moving forward.

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Ideal for:

Business leaders or senior executives in brand development and marketing for food start-ups or established food brands.


1 hour each; in batches by arrangement


One-to-one, or small groups by arrangement


Online, or in person by arrangement


  • Pre-session questionnaire 
  • Understanding of your chosen topic, and its relevance and potential
  • Initial actions
  • Summary report


Workshop and consultancy sessions range from £450 to £2950 (ex VAT) subject to your requirements. Contact us below and we’ll schedule a call to discuss the options.


Example Topics

Building Authentic Brand Story

Your utmost strength as an individual or brand is built absolutely on your passion and conviction, so it is a must that you understand your own unique standpoint, and start your journey confidently from there. In this session, we'll discuss the elements to draw on that form the bones of authentic brand story, and highlight some of yours as a starting point for development.

Navigating Food Trends

The food trends scene is a lively, exciting hotbed of ideas, innovation and energetic activity and community. But it is easy to be dazzled by all the conflicting information - for example, what is actually paving the way to positive change, versus a fun bit of marketing buzz? Or, more worryingly, harmful pseudoscience? In this session, we'll look at the various trends that appear relevant to you, and break them down into what's of ongoing importance, what's good for a burst of audience engagement, and what's really just a fad to forget.

Contemporary Food Conversations

The topics and buzzwords traversing the contemporary food landscape are fascinating, and often, if approached with care, can hold the answers to many issues we face globally. Whether it's improving quality of life through multidisciplinary cuisine, strengthening the connection between food education and the obesity crisis, or understanding the rise and fall of 'Clean Eating', insight into these topics relate to our economic, environmental and social impact. This session will give you a background and introduction to the topic of your choice, to understand its relevance to you and your potential to contribute through your particular activity.