Carra Santos
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When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
— John Muir (1838-1914)

Designed for:
Business leaders or senior executives in brand development and marketing for food start-ups or established food brands.

Approx. 3 hours plus breaks

One-to-one, or small groups by arrangement

Online, or in person by arrangement


  • Pre-session questionnaire

  • Workbook with exercises

  • Initial actions

  • Summary report with recommended research

For enquiries or bookings, please email


Ecosystem for Change-Making Food Brands

Increase your Impact and Avoid Mistakes with Authenticity, Context and Community

Shaping the wellbeing of the environment, the economy and society itself, food affects every aspect of our lives. But today’s global food conversations are VERY complex. On the good days, we have endless diversity, innovation, and the potential to change the world. On the bad days; fast pace, fads, and bandwagons.

Carra’s Ecosystem workshop is an engaging session designed for food start-ups and established companies who wish to navigate the contemporary food landscape with confidence, and secure their connection to the wider ecosystem. It introduces the elements you should consider to better understand your brand’s potential, context, and community, and plan a sustainable long-term position at the forefront of positive social and environmental change.

In this workshop, Carra will set out the fundamentals of establishing a brand ecosystem that enhances your creative, commercial, economic, environmental and social impact.

Together you will:

  1. Learn What Makes Up an Ecosystem
    Understand the various topics and influencers that create the context and culture around us.

  2. Explore your Current Field and Activity
    Review your authentic brand purpose, proposition and current project(s)

  3. Identify Initial Opportunities and Pitfalls
    Draw on contemporary conversations in the industry and consumer landscape that influence your direction.

  4. Highlight Immediate Areas for Further Research and Development
    List the topics, themes and organisations where further insights and connections would strengthen your knowledge, proposition and community

Really useful exercise. I really felt that this process was about separating the stuff you and your business actually care about, from the stuff that just looks pretty as part of a corporate brochure. The process of narrowing this down and differentiating between the passing fads on the one hand, and the big societal shifts that you can really work with on the other, is vital for growth. Finally, it gives you the tools and terminology to go about building a network around you that can help build your reputation, knowledge, credibility and impact.
— Director of a leading food manufacturing company, May 2018