Examine what's around you to understand your audience and opportunities.

Who's it for?

This workshop is for food entrepreneurs or established brands preparing to launch a new brand or product, who may have been working on it in somewhat of a vacuum and wish to understand where further opportunities and potential pitfalls lie before launch.

Why's it important?

You don't want to spend all your resources on product development only to find you've made a cultural faux pas, or are adding to an environmental disaster. And you'd like to firm up your relevance in a transparent and progressive environment.

Workshop Overview

Carra's workshop, 'Ecosystem', outlines the elements you should consider to better understand your customers, community and context, and helps you think about your place in the contemporary food landscape.

This workshop is designed for small groups and lasts around 90 minutes with time to chat with Carra and your peers. It includes a workbook with exercises and culminates in practical actions to assist further research into your findings.