Strengthen your Brand Story and Establish Your Ecosystem

Who's it for?

This workshop is for food entrepreneurs or established food brands who want to make a difference, who are navigating a new transparent and purpose-led climate, or experiencing a new generation of management.

Why's it important?

With every project Carra has worked on, she's noticed a disconnect. While industry innovators are developing amazing ideas and potential solutions for the future of food, there can be a tendency to operate in isolation, focusing only on their one branch of the entire ecosystem.

What good is a pop up restaurant promoting a sustainable plant-based diet, if the equipment gets thrown on the skip when it ends?
What good is a new brand of dairy-free milk to save animals here, if it wipes out wildlife and habitats on another continent?
And what good is a groundbreaking scientific solution if no-one can get the everyday population on board?

Maybe people aren't talking enough, or they're forgetting to look up to understand their relationship to what's around them. But - what if everyone could take a moment at the start to think it through? There'd be no more reports of negative social or environmental impact, or good start-ups going under because the right questions weren’t asked at the start.

Through connected conversations, we can bring the future forward to inspire everyday change.
— Carra Santos

Workshop Overview

Carra's Signature Workshop, 'Unshakeable', strengthens brand story and establishes its ecosystem to give a purposeful foundation for progress.

The workshop includes pre-workshop exercises and explores the greater context and culture surrounding brand purpose, to create an unshakeable structure which will enhance your creative, commercial, economic, environmental and social impact.

Here’s an overview of the workshop - Carra can attend it one-to-one or with a small group of your colleagues. It totals two days, but  can be spread out and continued online if breaks for research are required.

1. Assert Brand Position
We consolidate your unique insights and expertise, your identity, and your purpose.

2. Establish Brand Ecosystem
We consider your understanding of and place within contemporary culture, context, trends, collaborators and clients.

3. Join the Dots
We find the common goals and shared purposes that bring your tribe together and make lasting connections.

4. Plan Next Actions
We apply these findings to an upcoming project of your choice to create an easily communicable brief, that ensures the change you hope to make has the toolkit to truly take hold.

Next Steps

We all need to aim for doing most good and no harm from the outset, and Carra's insights into food and social culture, alongside a knack for connecting far-flung dots, is what help her see the whole picture.

Unshakeable is a fun, thought-provoking workshop where you get to see how everything you enjoy comes together through your work.

Let’s see how we can turn your brand purpose into a change-making adventure, and harness the full power of your brand for good.

Really useful exercise. I really felt that this process was about separating the stuff you and your business actually care about, from the stuff that just looks pretty as part of a corporate brochure. The process of narrowing this down and differentiating between the passing fads on the one hand, and the big societal shifts that you can really work with on the other, is vital for growth. Finally, it gives you the tools and terminology to go about building a network around you that can help build your reputation, knowlege, credibility and impact.
— Scott Dixon, Director, The Flava People