Mattergarden For 100% Design at London DEsign Festival

Ideation | Creative Direction


“An appreciation of the Earth’s permanence: a celebration of its generous supply of materials, its structure and sustenance, and the role of humankind as responsible alchemists and interpreters of its bounty.”

The Mattergarden concept was developed for a 128sqm immersive ‘Eco’ design installation, an interactive environment to inspire conversation and engagement amongst visitors.

Considering the conscious decision to work with nature rather than against it, its stratum-inspired structure proposed a tactile platform for the exploration of contemporary and future materials, treatments and applications for use in design, architecture and construction.

The cliff face ‘hide’ formed the space for an organic juice bar, filled with fresh ingredients bursting through its crevices, peeking out on a rock formation on which visitors find a place to perch, roost or congregate. 

Visitors would have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fresh juices - blended from organic ingredients that are also used in construction, such as wheatgrass and bamboo - in order to quite literally get a taste of raw design and building materials. The waste from the juice production would in turn form the basis of an activity in colour and pigmentation, mixing pigments and creating natural dyes from skins, peelings and leaves combined with spices and vegetation to be foraged from throughout the installation.

In essence, Mattergarden would emote elemental energy and purity on a number of levels, serving as a mini ‘oasis’ for the show, helping visitors feel inspired, revitalised and refreshed, and understanding the powerful connections to nature that are all around us.

Full case study available on request.