Maker Carousel For 100% Design at London DEsign Festival

Ideation | Creative Direction | Concept Development | Curation | Production

An 81sqm immersive design installation revealing the magical world of the maker - a colourful journey steeped in experimentation and spontaneity.

The interactive installation links the creative processes of a designer-maker with the feelings of exhilaration and liberation evoked by a carousel, capturing the visceral spark that all designer share when they have the ability to make what they design - a feeling of freedom, energy, imagination, spontaneity and satisfaction.

Giving an insight into the thought processes of the maker and a taste of the new technologies, traditional methods and ways of working that can be explored, the striking circular layout was formed of a central column connecting a series of workbenches between an inspiration space and a talkspace, highlighting the cyclical nature of the creative process 'think, make, reveal’. 

Each workbench showcased a discipline spanning old and new, handmade and tech-integrated, all connected to the carousel structure with interwoven strands overhead to demonstrate how all methods and influences, however diverse they may seem, are connected at some level.

The interactive installation harnessed the magic of the carousel with an element of spontaneity and unpredictability, emphasising the liberation, imagination and wonder sparked by experimentation with materials and methods. Experimentation and play was encouraged among visitors through talks, tasks and activities based on both hands-on and hi-tech methodologies in design, from paper prototyping, model-making and block-printing on bags to 3D printing and connectivity.

Carra aimed to encapsulate the essence of how it feels to be a designer-maker at this point in time - the wealth of disciplines and techniques that are at your fingertips and the excitement that goes along with finding your signature mix of methods and materials. Inspirational found objects and progressive and prototype products from up-and-coming studios signified the creative process, luggage tags of thought-inspiring words were hung to spark conversation and experimentation, and rosemary and mint, which naturally boost creative thinking, were dotted around.

She continued the maker experience by curating a number of interdisciplinary talks and workshops from leading industry collaboration and tech pioneers including Maker Library Network, Opendesk, Hirsch & Mann and BeatWoven, and was pleased to host many impromptu student competitions from visiting universities.

Voted ‘Most Popular Feature’ by an international audience of over 25k.

Full case study available on request.

2014 | Photos by Graham Morgan