Ideation | Concept Development → WIP


“The mists, the smoke, the vapours, and the steam that traverse time and place, carrying unique insights that infuse our thoughts and create unexpected experiences that enliven all our senses.”

The Flava People is a third-generation UK food manufacturer developing marinades, seasonings, sauces, crumbs and glazes for the food industry for over forty years.

With a new generation of management meeting a new era of change in industry and communication, it was time to revitalise their brand culture and ecosystem, both internally and externally, to spark collaboration and fuel positive change.

Carra worked with management through her brand consultancy process to create the authentic and strong foundation on which to base future projects and plans - an exercise in examining all aspects of their values, interests and influences to gain a working understanding of The Flava People’s culture, context and community.

From there, she generated a powerful concept, unique to The Flava People’s insights and expertise, which would underpin all future activity and provide an engaging ‘go-to’ reference to keep the overall vision on track.

The first physical application of the concept will be a revamp of The Flava People HQ to become a vibrant client experience and community development space reflecting the company’s commitment to doing good through food.

Full case study available on request.