News: Carra Santos invited to attend MAD Symposium, Copenhagen


Carra has been selected to attend MAD Symposium in Copenhagen this August, an acclaimed two day event held by MAD, 'a nonprofit organization that brings together a global cooking community with a social conscience, a sense of curiosity, and an appetite for change', started in 2011 by the very clever Chef René Redzepi of Noma fame.

Like Carra, the people behind MAD believe that food is the connector for a diversity of global issues across the economy, the environment and social culture; stating that "food is inseparable from some of the most pressing global challenges of our time".

MAD Symposium has been running for the past five years, taking on diverse global environmental and social issues that are very often rooted in our food systems and infrastructure, exploring, learning and discussing how to ignite permanent positive change.

MAD's Mission statement is "to expand knowledge of food to make every meal a better meal; not just at restaurants, but every meal cooked and served. Good cooking and a healthy environment can and should go hand-in-hand, and the quest for a better meal can leave the world a better place than we found it. MAD is committed to producing and sharing this knowledge and to taking promising ideas from theory to practice." 

Now in its sixth year, there's a special focus on inclusivity and equality for people facing obstacles to opportunity - mostly found to be women, immigrants, and minorities - and how to ensure great opportunities are available to all.

"This year we’ve seen the restaurant community – and the world at large – rocked by stories and experiences of women, of immigrants, of minorities. We now see our friends, collaborators, and colleagues asking how – as individuals and as an industry – we can create a world where opportunities are available to all people. Through stories, insights from people we know, and perspectives from the outside, we will explore this relevant and pressing issue."

If you'd like to join Carra in the conversations, you can connect with her on LinkedIn or subscribe below to her Field Notes on Food Culture, where she'll be sharing insights and findings as the event unfurls as a way to help spread the solutions.

If you have any thoughts or questions you want her to bring along for questioning or discussion, please feel free to email them to us, and she'll endeavour to look for some answers.

You can learn more about MAD Symposium on MADFeed's website.

Carra Santos