Carra Santos  Field Notes on Food Culture on Medium

I believe that forward-thinking food culture is the key to positive economic, environmental and social change.

Through Field Notes on Food Culture, I explore the stories and trends in food and design that spark conversations and set the scene for effective inspiration and engagement, so gaining a better understanding of the food ecosystem, its reach, its potential, and its impact, which is crucial to forging a better future for all.



1. Lisbon

I've spent a lot of time in Lisbon over the years, a family connection that grew to a deep love for an amazingly energetic and progressive city that is doing remarkable things in food, design and social culture. I've put together a journal of just some of my favourite experiences and initiatives. 

Here are some stories that inspire me in Lisbon, a vibrant city of discovery and endless transformation, with inclusivity and community at the heart. I hope they inspire you too.


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