Carra santos is a creative futurist, brand consultant and design Storyteller.

As an independent researcher, her work focuses on improving food culture and communication - the most impactful field for addressing the climate crisis and increasing positive social and environmental change.

Coming from the creative industries, Carra uses design thinking and storytelling to communicate new concepts and practices that will help fix the future through food, such as showing an audience of almost 30k at London Design Festival how we can grow our own food indoors.

She undertakes focused research into ideas, trends, habits and behaviours which shape and communicate positive food culture, as well as the industry actions required around key topics such as the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, sustainable communities and the circular economy.

Carra’s emphasis is on cross-sector collaboration, connecting societal and environmental needs with solutions not just within industry practice, but also within communication and the built environment.

She records her findings through Field Notes on Food Culture, reports and newsletters combining writing, illustration and photography.

Selected Examples

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