Everyone who interacts with food and food systems influences food culture.

The food industry, of course - chefs, producers, farmers, distributors, logistics, and so on.

But it’s not just the food industry - numerous other industries too, such as science, marketing, design, construction, manufacturing, education, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, all of whom have an interest in and an influence on numerous issues which directly and indirectly improve (or harm) our food culture.

So we need to step out of our silos, and talk.

Cross-Sector conversations for Collective Change.



Carra participates in panel discussions and brainstorming sessions around food culture in relation to industry practice, trends, brand development and NPD. Pictured left: IFE2019 ‘Waste Not Want Not’ discussion, where Carra talked about the potential of food byproducts and waste in the Circular Economy, and opportunities for collaboration with the design and construction industries.


Food Culture Forum

Carra has recently started an informal Meetup Group to share and learn with like-minded people. Events span a variety of cross-sector fields relating to wider food culture, such as design events, lectures and exhibitions, and spark conversations in how to apply findings and solutions to everyday life.


Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity
World Intellectual Property Day 2018 / ACID Female Design Champion, Runner-Up

“For the imaginative boundary breaking work she is doing between different individuals.”

— Sarah Weir OBE and the Design Council team