Working with emerging and established brands to develop a conscious brand culture that fixes the future through food.


Fixing our relationship with food is a catalyst for exponential change. Its infrastructure and development holds the key to economic, environmental and social impact - almost every UN Sustainable Development Goal can be brought back to our food culture at some level.

But when it comes to industry - what good is a pop up restaurant promoting a sustainable plant-based diet, if the equipment gets thrown on the skip when it ends? What good is a new brand of dairy-free milk to save animals here, if it wipes out wildlife and habitats on another continent? And what good is a groundbreaking scientific solution if no-one can get the everyday population on board?

Let’s connect the dots and design purposeful brands that fuel positive change through everyday practice.

→ Landscape

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The topics and buzzwords traversing the food scene and beyond are truly fascinating, and often, if approached with care, can hold the answers to many issues we face globally.

But the sheer volume of information can be conflicting and confounding, and whether we’re just starting out, or well on our way, it’s important to find a clear path.

Landscape sessions are for brands and organisations seeking to gain clarity on the complex conversations taking place in today’s global food culture.

They’re designed to help you find sure footing on the path you choose and inspire you with engaging ways to progress.

They give you background and an introduction to the topic of your choice, to understand what’s relevant to you, what’s not, and consider your potential to make a better contribution through your activity.

Following a session, you’ll have a good understanding of the topic in relation to your goals, as well as an outline of initial research and actions to consider moving forward.

→ Ecosystem

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Carra’s Ecosystem workshop is an engaging consultancy session designed for food start-ups and established companies who wish to navigate the contemporary food landscape with confidence, and secure their connection to the wider ecosystem.

It introduces the elements brands should consider to better define their unique insights and expertise, their identity, and their purpose, and consider their understanding of, and place within, today’s food culture, relating to trends, influencers, collaborators and clients.

Within the framework of culture, context and community, Carra seeks to expand thought processes and decision-making in consideration of consumer trends and influences, sustainable development, responsible innovation, brand purpose and authenticity, and cross-sector collaboration.

Following the session, you’ll have the knowledge to plan your sustainable long-term position at the forefront of positive change.

→ Development

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Using the Ecosystem findings as the foundation to move forward, you’ll strengthen your unique brand story and purpose, establish your change-making ecosystem, and build purpose into your everyday practices.

Throughout the Development project, you’ll thoroughly explore the greater context and culture surrounding your brand and develop its potential for good, creating an authentic structure and network which will enhance your creative, commercial, economic, environmental and social impact.

You’ll join the dots to find the common goals and shared purposes that bring your community together and make lasting connections.

Your ideas will be examined from all angles, and continually cross-referenced to withstand hard questions.

This project will culminate in planning next actions to apply these findings to an upcoming project of your choice, creating an easily communicable brief that ensures the change you hope to make has the team and toolkit to truly take hold.

→ Application

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As your team actions the brief outlined in the Development project, a Stakeholder Report can be drafted at this stage to communicate your key learnings and forward strategy.

If required, Carra can be available for ongoing consultancy, checking in with team members at agreed points over a six month period.

This ensures the vision is intact and values are upheld at every touchpoint.

Depending on the nature of the project application and team resources, consultancy can be extended for an extra three months if required.

Really useful exercise. I really felt that this process was about separating the stuff you and your business actually care about, from the stuff that just looks pretty as part of a corporate brochure. The process of narrowing this down and differentiating between the passing fads on the one hand, and the big societal shifts that you can really work with on the other, is vital for growth. Finally, it gives you the tools and terminology to go about building a network around you that can help build your reputation, knowledge, credibility and impact.
— Director of a leading food manufacturing company, May 2018