Fixing our relationship with food is a catalyst for exponential change. Its infrastructure and development holds the key to economic, environmental and social impact - almost every UN Sustainable Development Goal can be brought back to our food culture at some level.

Through consultancy and workshops, Carra works closely with emerging and established brands to develop an inherent culture that focuses on supporting food systems as the medium for change, developing opportunities that balance profit and purpose and make a lasting positive impact.

Sessions include topics such as ‘Navigating Food Trends: Good or Fad?’, ‘Designing a Brand Ecosystem for Positive Change’ and ‘Authentic Brand Story and Storytelling’.

“Really useful exercise. I really felt that this process was about separating the stuff you and your business actually care about, from the stuff that just looks pretty as part of a corporate brochure. The process of narrowing this down and differentiating between the passing fads on the one hand, and the big societal shifts that you can really work with on the other, is vital. And it gives you the tools and terminology to go about building a network around you that can help build your reputation, knowledge, credibility and impact.”
Scott Dixon, Director, The Flava People


In addition to client projects and workshops, Carra has facilitated creative industries workshops for Creative & Cultural Skills, and curated educational talks programmes and events.

She also participates in panel discussions around food culture and industry, such as the International Food & Drink Event (IFE) 2019 'Waste Not Want Not' panel in London, sharing the potential of agricultural and food industry byproducts in the Circular Economy, and the collaborative opportunities within fashion, design and construction.