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Brand Development 


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Brand vs Branding

Your brand is made up of intangible, abstract ideas - your vision, your purpose, your values, your passion, your reason for existing in the first place. It's not what you do, it's who you are, and it paints the biggest picture of what you're striving for. Your brand should inspire you every day and make you wake up happy. If it doesn't, you must keep searching, because you have to find that spark.

Your branding is the real-world representation of your brand; the various physical or digital materials and touchpoints that your clients experience whenever they encounter it - that communicate your vision effectively when you aren't there, share your ongoing enthusiasm for it, and showcase your specific expertise to fulfil it.

Many people head straight for branding, and wonder why it never quite feels right or lands well. But only when you are confident in your brand, can you develop your branding effectively.

A highly skilled and confident creative with a refreshingly open, methodical approach to her work.


I work with entrepreneurs and established brands to craft a custodian culture powering positive change.

My toolkit for improving food culture includes working with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, in the food industry and the sectors that support it, to develop purposeful brands. I do this by identifying their position and potential in the wider ecosystem, considering co-citizenship over consumer culture, and connecting food education with industry innovation. 

For me, a brand is built on three strong pillars, which apply to any industry:

1. Clarity

Understanding your brand means first drawing out the intangible aspects of your vision and motivation - your dreams, your purpose, your goals, your influences and your message - which, when uncovered, reveal the timeless bedrock of passion and authenticity on which everything else can be built.

2. Creative Direction

A clear brand vision will spark a storyful concept and creative direction that resonates with you and your team as a memorable, shared 'hook' that brings everyone together as one. It sharpens your focus, captures your brand's energy, tone and style, and holds your vision in place and in context for effective teamwork and purposeful development.

3. Community

Once your vision and creative direction are clear, you can cross-check it alongside conversations and campaigns in contemporary culture, and gather your ultimate tribe - peers, partners, clients, collaborators, influencers, and suppliers. From this, you can curate a change-making community that supports your ideas and integrity, and opens up unexpected opportunities.

With this in-depth understanding of your brand, you can then develop your brand-specific touchpoints and tangible assets (a.k.a. branding) with confidence. The tangible items that make up your branding come in many forms, from copy, content and colourways to photography, literature, exhibitions and interiors - but the brand-building process reveals which are the right mix to represent your vision and resonate with your community.

This focused brand development process results in an unshakeable understanding of your brand alongside a practical reference document that can be widely shared across your team, partners and stakeholders; a comprehensive guide to spark ongoing consideration and development as your brand and its change-making potential grows from strength to strength.