Carra Santos
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Carra Santos is a creative futurist and brand consultant, bridging the gap between what's now and what's next for a forward-thinking food culture.

 Exploring the rise in food halls and street food markets | Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

Exploring the rise in food halls and street food markets | Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

Awards & Recognition

2018 ACID (Anti-Copying in Design) Female Design Champion, Runner-Up

For the imaginative boundary breaking work she is doing between different individuals and highlighting IP in an imaginative way
— Design Council


Charting the Landscape

For close to ten years, designer, educator and entrepreneur Carra (Caroline) Santos has been at the intersection of food and design, using a blend of design thinking, cultural insights and empathy to make future concepts relatable and engaging. 

Through her ongoing research 'Field Notes on Food Culture', she navigates the cultural shifts, trends and global needs that are shaping the contemporary food landscape, connecting the dots and bringing complex concepts down-to-earth, to make the future feasible and positive change take hold. 

Independently, and alongside her innovation and design consultancy Mette, Carra has shown people how algae can be the next form of food and fuel. She has shown them how to grow their own food, indoors. She has even helped develop a beer-brewing robot, and is the industry go-to for expressing innovation through design and visual storytelling.

Based across the UK and Ireland, she has worked with industry leaders and brands such as 100% Design for London Design Festival, British Council, Formica Group, Gaggenau, Dornbracht, Fenwick, N2O, The Flava People, Quorn Foods and The Food People, seeking the story, expanding its reach, and pulling out its full potential to inspire and engage.

Carra's projects have been named most inspirational by 25,000 industry professionals at London Design Festival, and have been featured internationally from New York Times and Wired Magazine to Icon and Wallpaper*

Film by the British Council on their Maker Library Network at 100% Design / London Design Festival, featuring an interview with Maker Carousel conceptualist and curator Carra Santos (at 2m 05).

Film by Formica Group on their participation and collaborations at 100% Design / London Design Festival, featuring an interview with the eco-design feature, Mattergarden, conceptualist Carra Santos (at 3m 52).


Bringing the Future Forward

Carra works with change-making food entrepreneurs and established brands that are ready to interpret their purposeful brand values into tangible brand experiences - they might be developing a new product for market, or creating a space that sparks conversation or a new way of thinking.

She facilitates hands-on workshops to improve culture and thought processes around engaging topics in the food industry and the creative industries that surround it.

Carra also has a passion, and a sense of responsibility, for working with emerging entrepreneurs in the food and creative industries, and has previously mentored and taught both independently and through Creative & Cultural Skills and SERC.